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10 Reasons You Need A Bartender At Your Next Event.

It's obvious that when you think of big events like weddings, and milestone events, hiring a bartender for your guests is common. For some odd reason, the majority of us don't entertain the idea of having someone manning the bar as smaller...more intimate functions like baby showers or backyard BBQ'S. It's a fairly common feeling that hiring a bartender can seem (shall we say) a bit over-the-top. These days many of us are used to having our guests pour their own drinks...or we spend our entire party playing bartender. So if our guests can pour their own drinks...why spend the money? The truth of the matter is, hiring a bartender can be more affordable than you think, and gives you one less thing to worry about. Even though getting to enjoy your party is should be reason are 9 more.

10. Help with Set Up and Clean Up

A professional bartender will arrive to your home or event venue ahead of time to get the bar area set up and ready for service before the arrival of your guests. They will also make sure that there are no empty glasses and that guests stay refreshed with their cocktails. Most bartender companies (or individuals) also stay until the end of the party to help with cleanup, making sure the bar area looks the same way as when they arrived.