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10 Reasons You Need A Bartender At Your Next Event.

It's obvious that when you think of big events like weddings, and milestone events, hiring a bartender for your guests is common. For some odd reason, the majority of us don't entertain the idea of having someone manning the bar as smaller...more intimate functions like baby showers or backyard BBQ'S. It's a fairly common feeling that hiring a bartender can seem (shall we say) a bit over-the-top. These days many of us are used to having our guests pour their own drinks...or we spend our entire party playing bartender. So if our guests can pour their own drinks...why spend the money? The truth of the matter is, hiring a bartender can be more affordable than you think, and gives you one less thing to worry about. Even though getting to enjoy your party is should be reason are 9 more.

10. Help with Set Up and Clean Up

A professional bartender will arrive to your home or event venue ahead of time to get the bar area set up and ready for service before the arrival of your guests. They will also make sure that there are no empty glasses and that guests stay refreshed with their cocktails. Most bartender companies (or individuals) also stay until the end of the party to help with cleanup, making sure the bar area looks the same way as when they arrived.

9. You’ll Know How Much to Buy

Many people struggle with knowing exactly what & how much to buy. A professional bartender or bar service will assist you with figuring out what to serve based on your personal preferences and type of event. They will also tell you how much of everything that you need to have a successful party. Having that expert knowledge could possibly save you a lot of money, by not buying excess booze and mixers. Just think of it like this...the bartender has already paid for itself!

8. It’s Best if Your Guests Don’t Make Their Own Drinks

There are several reasons that you don’t want your guests to make their own drinks. It's always nice for your friends to not have to worry about mixing drinks (especially if they don't know how to make it). The main reason is that most people over pour when they are making drinks simply because they may not be aware of ounces or how much is actually in the bottle. A professional bartender is able to make more complex craft cocktails that will impress your guests, they can also ensure that those cocktails have the "appropriate" amount of alcohol in it. You don't want your guests passed out on your couch before the party is in full swing.

7. A Host Shouldn’t Also Be A Bartender

A good host offers their guests a drink shortly after they arrive at the party. This means if you don’t have a bartender onsite, you will also be the one making each drink. A good host also will make sure to offer a guest whose drink is low or empty if they’d like it to be refreshed. Which means, you guessed it, you’re making that drink as well...and most drinks for the duration of the party. With this process you may figure out how to make the perfect Moscow Mule...but will have not had a real conversation with your friends all night.

6. Feel Like a Guest at Your Own Party

As just mentioned above, if you spend the entire party getting/making drinks for other people, you’ll feel more like your're working at the party as opposed to hosting. However if you have someone else making all of your drinks, and making sure all your guests are taken care of, it allows you to actually enjoy your night.

5. A Bartender Will Not Over Serve

A professional bartender is hired to, and has the knowledge to serve responsibly. They have been trained to serve your guests accordingly as the night carries on. If that means "Tipsy Tina" gets just a little dash of Whiskey with her double, then so be it. Importantly, having a sober bartender to pay attention to your guests that may be having just a little “too much fun,” could save you from having to have uncomfortable conversations with your friends.

4. Craft Cocktails, not Just “Vodka Soda”

Good bartenders know how to make a wide range of cocktails. Ranging from simple and sweet to shaken and stirred a professional bartender will be able to create just about anything that your guests are asking for (if you have the proper ingredients). It's just always nice to have an upgraded option as opposed to the boring Ol' Vodka & Soda.

3. A Organized and Clean Bar Area

When your friends are making their own drinks, the bar area can become a sticky mess fairly quickly. Having a bartender there will make sure the area is covered with squeezed limes, sticky syrup or empty soda cans.

2. End Your Party on Time

We have all experienced those guests that just don't want to leave. After hosting an amazing party it can be tricky to get your guests to leave. When you have a professional bartender you will help eliminate those awkward yawns hoping people get the hint. Your bartender will be on schedule to get everything packed and put away in a non-pushy way.

1. Your Guests Will Be Impressed

People expect to see a bartender at fancy events or in larger venues, but most people are not expecting to walk into your backyard birthday bash and see a professional bartender mixing and shaking craft cocktails. We know doing thing to impress your friends may not be a great reason...but it will be something they will remember.

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